Inner Beauty: Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader


It’s okay to be self-centered sometimes. Really. I know that our society has this weird stigma about actually liking yourself, but it’s about time that we stop self-deprecating and start self-loving! I am so guilty of this. Instead of being proud of myself for my accomplishments or rooting myself on in my endeavors, I continue to tear myself down and discount everything I may have done that deserves a pat on the back, and I think a lot of you can relate to that. But it’s time to stop that.

Self-love is a journey, but the first step is knowing that you are worthy of love, praise, and admiration. Good things happen because you deserve them, and you are so worthy of all the good the universe can bring you. You are unique, beautiful, and above all else, WORTHY. You deserve love, respect, and positivity, and you should settle for nothing less. A lot of us fail to see our worth and settle for being treated (or even treating ourselves) poorly. Sometimes we can be our own biggest enemy.

So how can we battle this? Well, it takes conscious effort to love yourself, lift yourself up, and let your light shine. You are a result of millions of years of evolution. Everything that has happened before you has led up to creating the perfect, flawless person that you are. Own it! Own your uniqueness, your quirks. They are what make you special. I have always been “weird”, but weird doesn’t equal unworthy or unlikeable, and when I realized that, I was able to start loving myself for all of those things I used to view as flaws. Yes, I’m loud. I talk too much. I make weird references that people rarely get. But that’s okay, because I am a good person, with a good heart, and I am just as worthy of success as anyone else.

It’s okay to be a little conceited at times; you are beautiful, funny, smart, and it is okay to recognize that! Be your own cheerleader. Encourage yourself to follow your dreams. And know that you are so worth it and worthy of every success in the world!


If you or someone you love suffers from depression or anxiety, visit for locating resources and assistance. Sometimes, even with all the self-help and mindfulness in the world, you still need therapy or daily medications, and that’s OKAY! Getting help for mental illness can be the first step in a whole new path in life.  

Inner Beauty: Put Good In, Get Good Out


For my first post of 2016, I wanted to introduce a series on my blog called “Inner Beauty”. Now, I know that I am no pioneer, and I won’t be the first (or last) blogger to do this type of thing, but, in my opinion, there can never be enough positivity in the world, and that is what this series is focused on: positivity, good acts, and personal growth and wellness, in mind, body, and soul. I’m no guru, nor am I a life coach, but after battling with depression and anxiety for over a decade, I have found what works for me in my life, and I want to share that with you.

You know that saying “bad things happen to good people”? I don’t buy it. What you put into the universe is returned to you ten-fold. Sure, shit happens. We all have bad days, we all slip on ice and scrape our knees, and we all lose loved ones (everyone IS mortal, after all). However, if you live your life in a way that is consistently good, the universe will reward you. Be good to others. Share what you have with those who have less. Make ethical choices that reflect your values. Even simple things, like letting someone go at a tricky traffic intersections or dropping your change in the Riley can at the gas station, can drastically improve your life.

I find that the more I give, the more I receive. I am not just talking monetarily, either, because I have student loans just like everyone else. In philanthropy they talk about the Three T’s: time, talent, and treasure. Giving your time and abilities is sometimes even more impactful than giving money. Make an effort to do good for others, even in small ways. Be kind. Say thank you to your barista. Offer to help an elderly person to their car. See if there are any volunteer opportunities in your area.

It all comes down to this; what you put into the universe will affect what the universe returns to you. And I’ll also let you in on a little secret… You will be happier too! There is very little that makes me feel happier than knowing I helped someone or made someone happy. And when you are happy, people want to be around you and share in your positive energy. Happy, good people attract positive things, while negative, mean-spirited people attract negative things. Making a conscious effort to do good and put good energy and vibes back into the universe will be rewarded.

So try it, what’s the worst that could happen? You’ll be happier, the world will be a better place, and I can promise you that you will find your life improved in ways you could never imagine. Do good for yourself. Do good for others. Do good for the world. You will reap the rewards!