Mani Monday: Barbie Pink Sparkle


Quick post for this Monday morning, because I was out of town and under the weather all weekend (’tis the season…). What a better way to start the week than with a Barbie pink sparkle manicure? And even though Grumpy Cat isn’t enthused, I can’t stop staring at my bright nails!

Sinful Colors’ “24/7”, Cream Finish

I used Sinful Color’s 24/7 as the base coat. This is my favorite neon pink and is only $2 at Walgreen’s, CVS, ect! I topped it with my newest nail obsession, the Revlon Transforming Top Coat in Matte Pearl. This top coat mattifies the polish, obviously, but it also has micro-fine violet glitter that is stunning. I am not sure if this is permanent or limited edition, but is a very unique and necessarily addition to your polish collection and is only $4! So go get it right now.

Revlon Transforming Effects Top Coat in Matte Pearl

This girly manicure is perfect for starting off the work week! What are you rocking on your nails right now?


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