Swatches & Review: Nyx Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks

Left to right: Ruffle Trim, Embellishment, Corset, Exotic, and Beauty Mark

Product Info

Nyx has released a new line of liquid lipsticks, Lip Lingerie. The line features 12 shades, mostly nudes, and boasts a matte, long-wearing finish. A lot of the lighter nude colors are very similar, which slight variations in undertone, but this isn’t really a bad thing, because it lets people of all skin tones to find a nude that works for them! There are a few darker shades in the line, as well. I have also seen these on women of color, and they look AMAZING, so I applaud Nyx for this versatile shade range!

I decided to buy five, in a variation of shades, to get a true feel of the range and formula. They are $7 each and come with .13 oz of product (for comparison, Anastasia Beverly Hills comes with .11oz and Jeffree Star comes with .19 oz). I purchased them on the Nyx website, but Ulta also stocks them!

Nyx LL Bottles w Names
Left to right: Corset, Ruffle Trim, Embellishment, Exotic, and Beauty Mark

Here’s how the Nyx site describes the shades:

  •  Corset- Nude Toffee
  • Ruffle Trim- Cinnamon Pink
  • Embellishment- Muted Purple
  • Exotic- Warm Mahogany Red
  • Beauty Mark- Chocolate Brown


Left to right: Beauty Mark, Embellishment, Corset, Ruffle Trim, and Exotic


The formula is a soft mousse-like texture, which reminds me of the texture of theBalm’s Meet Matte Hughes liquid lipsticks. They do not apply completely opaque on the first pass, and can look a little streaky and patchy at first. The fix for this is to use thin layers of the product on the lip and build up the coverage. Start with a thin, even layer on the product, avoiding using too much of the product. Using too much product can make it harder to apply and get it even. The swatches above are two thin layers of the product!

They do dry down completely matte, something that there Liquid Suede lipsticks did not do. The formula does remain slightly tacky on the lips, but not to a point where it is uncomfortable. A small amount of translucent powder dabbed on the lips can also fix this!

They are long wear and it takes a lot to make them budge. Of course, greasy food is the antithesis of liquid matte lipsticks, and they do move slightly when introduced to anything oily, but normal wear won’t make them budge too much. Reapplication is easy, as long as you simply use thin layers!

For the price, these preform very well. The shades, in my opinion, are very trendy and beautiful, and the formula is much more long wearing that some of their other options, like the Soft Matte Lip Cream. Overall, I would recommend you pick up a couple of these if you are looking for a good drugstore liquid lipstick, but do check out swatches so you can find the best shades for you!


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